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About Fantastic Finishing

The founder of Fantastic Finishing, Andrei Ignatescu, has been in the construction and building industry for over a decade. Through his vast knowledge and experience, he opened Fantastic Finishing to reflect his beliefs on transforming houses into homes.

Fantastic Finishing are no ordinary builders rather specialists in their fields. By researching the latest trends, materials and techniques, their workmanship stands out from the crowd. More than 80% of their new clients comes from recommendations and referrals from people who experienced their professional services that finished their projects fantastically.

About Us

We believe in creating bespoke and unique solutions for you to transform your home and office into something fantastic. Our workforce is highly skilled and talented to take on any ideas or project. We take huge honour in our work and see every project as an opportunity to work with you and your concepts.

Core Values

Honesty, Integrity, and Pride are the cornerstones of Fantastic Finishing by making sure that what they do are safe, ethical and client-focused while being a professional group of people.

We ensure our clients that every decision we make is with the highest regards to the safety and well-being for every party involved. Our unwavering commitment to safety raises the bar for the entire industry.

We practice the highest standards of ethics in everything we do. Our clients can always count on us, to be honest, and transparent throughout the process while consistently showcasing the highest level of integrity.

We focus on your needs and requirements and help you to solve problems you might have and make the right decision for you and your home.

We are a diverse and connected group of professionals who cover more than just construction. No matter the market, service or geographic region, we create bespoke solutions for you by leveraging our deep pool of expertise and knowledge.